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Is lubricating grease solid or liquid?

Issuing time:2021-09-04 17:46Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

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Grease is a paste object between solid and liquid, which plays an important role in the lubrication of industrial bearing equipment. It is now an indispensable material in industry. Grease is also a semi-solid and semi-liquid form. Of course, grease manufacturers will also adjust the hardness of grease appropriately. The soft point of grease adjustment looks like a liquid, and the hard point of grease adjustment looks like a solid. But basically it's a paste between a liquid and a solid.

First of all, let's talk about the definition of grease. Grease is a base oil with additives such as saponification and thickening agent. Grease is mainly used for high speed transmission parts, such as bearing bush, cylinder and so on. And can form a circulation lubrication system with cooling effect. High environmental requirements, recyclable. Of course, it is also mainly used for low speed transmission parts, such as gear transmission, chain transmission and so on, there is a certain heat absorption cooling effect (but will produce serious consumption) cycle utilization rate, low environmental requirements.

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Second, grease is divided into many types, and the lubrication effects are different according to different working environments. Some are used in a closed environment, and some can be lubricated in an open working environment. The function and principle of lubrication are the same. The difference is that the location of the lubrication part and the occasion (environment) is different. Appropriate lubricants need to be selected.

Last, let's talk about what happens when the grease is too soft or too hard. If it is too hard, it is easy to get stuck in the rotation of the bearing, or the friction is too large, which can not only be lubricated but have side effects. The temperature of the equipment is too high to shorten the service life of the bearing. If the grease is too soft, there will be many problems. For example, if it is too soft, the adhesion is not strong and it is easy to fall off from the equipment, making the surroundings dirty and polluting the environment, and it is also easy to mix with dust and other impurities.

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In today's era of global industrialization, important parts of machinery industry equipment and auto parts, as well as many types of bearings, need to be lubricated by lubricating oil or grease in the process of use. No matter what industry of equipment, special attention should be paid to the amount of grease when using. Too little lubrication will affect the bearing life, and too much will produce large resistance and affect the speed. Therefore, it is always necessary to choose the appropriate grease.

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