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Open gear grease

Open gear grease
Product Details

JUNTAI - Open gear grease

Product introduction:

This product is made of refined high-viscosity base oil, added with additives such as anti-oxidation, anti-rust, anti-wear and ultra-fine solid lubricating components, and added with anti-rust agents, extreme pressure additives and structure improvers through a special process. Even at high temperatures, it can resist oxidation and carbonization. The coated metal surface maintains a layer of protective film similar to a cushion with sufficient thickness to ensure extreme pressure resistance can be generated under the high temperature of the tooth drive friction. Grease will be evenly distributed on the lubricating surface along with the rotation of the gear, so that the gear will operate normally under heavy-duty working conditions without sintering or jamming. It can still maintain a perfect lubrication effect in humid, water-drenched and dusty environments. It can prevent the metal from being seized, welded and scratched during contact and friction, effectively guaranteeing the metal surface and improving the lubrication effect.


Special high temperature long-lasting lubrication ability;

Excellent adhesion, forming a thicker oil film on the gear surface to ensure lubrication;

Excellent lubricity and extreme pressure performance;

The stronger the anti-asperity penetration ability;

After a period of running-in, a chemical reaction film is completely formed on the tooth surface;

Excellent water resistance;

Application range:

Suitable for lubrication of various low-speed, heavy-duty large open gears;

Used for high surface pressure and low speed sliding rails, wheel guard rails;

And lubrication of various types of gear couplings;

It is used for the lubrication of high-load transmission devices with shock or vibration load, such as thermal power plants, ball mills in cement plants, forging presses in machinery plants and other heavy-duty open gears and transmission devices.


Remove the contaminants and residues as much as possible before use.

It can be used by smearing, oil bath or spraying to ensure that the tooth surface covers the oil layer evenly.

Do not mix with other greases.

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