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Optically damped grease reduces friction

Issuing time:2022-04-17 09:50Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

Optical special damping grease refers to a plastic paste material that specially lubricates the friction part of optical instrument movement or prevents dust and vacuuming on the surface of optical instrument cavity. Its viscosity, viscosity temperature characteristics, freezing point, flash point, acid value have great influence on the properties of fat. The quality of optical grease is closely related to its own composition.

? In view of the booming development of China's photoelectric industry and the special role of optical grease in optical instruments, it is very important to develop special grease for bearing grease with strong pertinence, especially for some precision optical instruments, such as biological microscope, camera (camera) lenses, military optical instruments, etc. These targeted optical greases can ensure the right choice for domestic optical manufacturers. The performance of evaluation quality mainly includes needle degree, drop point, low temperature resistance, chemical stability, colloid stability, corrosion resistance, volatility, reservoir retention ability, diffusion and mildew resistance.



1. Adhesion and damping requirements of high temperature and high speed bearing oil Optical grease is different from other industrial greases, which requires the adhesion of the grease itself to be fixed in the lubricating part, rather than due to rotation and stretching of the friction part; Damping plays a more important role in optical instruments, which can not only maintain the working state of optical instruments in use, but also bring users a very comfortable feeling. Adhesion and damping are complementary to each other in the formulation design of optical grease. Adjusting the relationship between them can bring ideal use effect to optical instrument.


4. 2. Good anti-discreteness the so-called anti-discreteness refers to the adsorption capacity of grease on the base oil. Optical damping grease can ensure that the base oil will not spread to non-lubricating parts due to the capillary (the so-called oil crawling phenomenon), pollute other optical systems and affect the normal use of optical instruments. This phenomenon is found in some domestic optical greases.

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6. 3. Low volatilization and excellent mildew proof optical grease low volatilization can ensure that the instrument in the FAKKT special grease in the use of the process is not contaminated by oil mist; Good mildew resistance is mainly to prevent mold growth in optical instruments.

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8. 4. In principle, optical grease can meet -40~80℃ in the appropriate temperature range, but for some high temperature grease manufacturers of gear grease civil optical instrument, its actual working environment needs to be adjusted appropriately. For damping lipids with medium and low viscosity, their low temperature properties basically meet the requirements of low condensate mineral oil or part of low condensate oil below -40℃. For some high damping optical greases, the low temperature torque of optical greases is greatly affected by the high adhesive content in the formula. In formulation design, damping and low temperature properties are often difficult to be considered simultaneously. For example, optical damping grease for optical telescope hinges

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