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Please pay attention to the small detailsof applying special grease

Issuing time:2023-03-02 15:22Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

Special greases are generally used fortransmission gear, belt disk, steering equipment, transmission chain,continuous high temperature and high speed bearing transmission system, fastreduction gear, metal gear, gear and rack to obtain lubrication and reducenoise. This is widely used in the field, but what should we pay attention towhen applying special greases?

Please pay attention to prevent theinteruse of different types, models and specifications and new and old specialgreases

Prevent cross-over plating on utensils andtools. Otherwise, it will also reduce fat drops, improve water permeability,reduce the reliability of mechanical equipment and other adverse effects. Payclose attention to the management plan of all unique filling processes.

Clean utensils and special tools beforereading and filling. The oil outlet provided by the mechanical equipment mustbe cleaned in advance to ensure that the remnants of the mechanical equipment,dust and gravel are not easy to enter. A lot of special grease is used inmechanical equipment. With the working atmosphere of mechanical equipmentbecoming more and more difficult, the need for grease is also very large. Butsome continuous high temperature environment, general grease can not meet theapplication regulations. Therefore, in this case, it can not only giveexcellent lubrication for the machine and equipment, but also increase theservice life of the machine and equipment. Heat-resistant fats have excellentlubrication properties in extreme working atmospheres, not so much because oftheir closely related ingredients. Lubrication time and oil change interval caneffectively increase, very stable.

Should be based on the practicalapplication of the actual situation clearly add/remove the unique grease time. Reliablelubrication must be ensured without consuming grease. Adding appropriate greasewill also increase friction torque, temperature and fat consumption. If toolittle oil is used, reliable lubrication is difficult to obtain, resulting indry friction. In general, the right amount of fat should be 1/3 to 1/2 of thetotal clearance volume of the roller bearing. But under some conditions, rollerbearing edges may also need lubrication to achieve die lubrication.

Grease should not be packaged in wooden or papercontainers to use special fats as far as possible. The fat can lose its fatfrom air pollution, become hard, soak in water or grow mildew. It isrecommended to store Beijing Zenghui Bank in a cool, cool and dry place. Forexample, in a mechanical environment, the temperature difference varies fromyear to year. If you use winter fat in the summer, and vice versa, the resultswill outweigh the benefits. Naturally, it does not exclude many four seasonsuniversal grease. When applying unique oils, please pay attention to the abovematters for more effective use of unique oils.

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