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polytetrafluoroethylene grease

polytetrafluoroethylene grease
Product Details

Application areas:

It is suitable for lubrication and friction reduction of bearings, gears, guides and cams with extremely high temperature and high load that general grease cannot bear;

Such as thermal setting machine conveyor belt bearings, corrugated paper machine bearings, thermal fan bearings, drying room conveyor belt bearings, high temperature motor bearings lubrication, and a variety of high temperature chains can also be used; Lubrication of transmission system bearings in glass and aluminum factories.

Product Introduction:

This product is made from polytetrafluoroethylene gelled synthesis of special oil of high chemical stability, and adding special additives, and add the special corrosion resistant additive refined but become the whole life of grease, the high temperature grease dedicated to very high temperature, high load, strengthening the study of bearing corrosion environment and require lifelong lubrication components, can be in extreme conditions exhibited excellent performance.

Can be customized according to customer requirements. The finished products of the company are generally 100G/200G/800G/2KG


Very low volatility, very long service life, which is one of the characteristics of this product.

Working temperature extremely wide;

High temperature stability and high bearing capacity;

Resistance to water, oil and vacuum (low steam pressure);

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