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Precautions for selecting construction machinery grease

Issuing time:2023-02-09 08:17Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

When choosing construction machinery grease, we must carefully observe the instructions on the packaging, because different types of grease have different effects. For example, several main performance indicators of grease: drop point, cone entry, service life (oxidation stability), oil content (colloid stability), oxidation stability of the special performance, are the need for reference data.

There is also a particularly important data to pay special attention to is water resistance. Construction machinery is generally used in a very bad environment, there will often be heavy rain or snow, sewage and other yellow essence interference. Therefore, the water resistance of construction machinery grease needs to be paid attention to.

If do not pay attention to when the choice, often affect the use, such as under the action of centrifugal force will be left out of the grease, influenced by the mechanical shear and friction interface and the oil, grease oil content reduce, hardening with the decrease of the cone into the degree, to a certain degree of grease will complete failure, and so on, eventually lead to the failure effect use.

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