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Rearview mirror grease

Rearview mirror grease
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AUTOMOBILE REarview mirror oil is born due to the rapid development of modern automobile industry, it is a special thickened special synthetic oil, and ester oil mixture, and add solid lubricant and soft metal powder and other efficient additives, refined by special process. Nice color, won't stain the rearview mirror. Waterproof performance is very good, won't rain or muddy road pollution and loss. At the same time also added extreme pressure anti-wear agent, so that it has a good anti-wear extreme pressure, will minimize wear. It is also very airtight and will not stick to iron and copper, which ensures the rotation efficiency of the car's rear view mirror.

The scope of application is - most models of car rearview mirror bearing lubrication.

Be sure not to mix with other grease; After starting, the cap should be sealed in time to prevent impurities from affecting the use effect. Packaging form can be customized according to customer requirements, such as -15kg plastic drums, 170kg iron drums, etc. Also available in 10G packs. The company provides samples free of charge.

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