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Several kinds of additives commonly used in high-end grease

Issuing time:2022-12-06 10:31Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

The common additives of high-end grease are extreme pressure antiwear agent, adhesive, wire drawing agent and filling agent. For example, the invention of extreme pressure anti-wear additive is due to the development of contemporary technology. The lubrication of many machines in the iron and steel industry and the heavy machinery and equipment industry is in the boundary lubrication situation. The lubrication of the mechanical working position needs to use pressure grease to meet the lubrication requirements. Qindao special grease production and manufacture of high-grade grease will be added, and the other is a practical grease, good compatibility with extreme pressure anti-wear agent, adding pressure anti-wear additive can make rolling bearing grease with good characteristics. The experience of additives is likely to follow this pattern. Phosphorus compounds can effectively improve the wear resistance of grease, while sulfur and chlorinated chemical substances can effectively improve the load resistance of grease. Sulfur compounds are more effective than fluoride. At the same time, effective chlorine and phosphorus chemicals or phosphorus and sulfur chemicals have both pressure and wear resistance. In order to improve the wear resistance and pressure performance of lubricating batch, two or more wear resistance additives can be applied in compound.

Adhesive drawing agent (structure improvement agent) is one of the common additives. In recent years, many special greases are added with ethyl-propylene copolymer, acrylate emulsion, polyisobutylene and other polymers, in order to improve the machine stability of grease and increase the adhesion and drawing of grease.

Finally said that the filling material (filler), filler often refers to the small scattered solid chemicals, its itself also has the characteristics of the solid lubricant, adding filler is aimed at the basic of grease lubrication film by heavy load or continuous high temperature, vibration and impact load cases of reinforcement effect, there are many types of filling agent, Now commonly used in lithium based grease mainly include molybdenum disulfide, high purity graphite, boron carbide, MCA(cyanuric acid melamine salt), PTFE(polytetrafluoron) and so on.

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