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Tips for picking high temperature grease

Issuing time:2022-11-03 08:02Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

There are several types of high temperature grease. Because the office environment of industrial equipment is becoming more and more strict, the need for grease is also very large. The reason why high temperature resistant grease can give excellent lubrication characteristics in harsh working atmosphere is closely related to its main components. It mainly consists of PTFE thickened perfluoropolyether oil with relatively high chemical resistance and special corrosion resistant additives. The difference between high temperature resistant grease and ordinary grease depends on the application of environmental temperature, in the middle of -50~250, and the drop of general grease is above 180 degrees, so it can be distinguished by the environmental temperature. As the manufacturer of grease, can provide consumers with high-quality high temperature resistant grease, molybdenum disulfide grease, bearing grease, sealing grease, damping grease, and other commodities.

But in some high temperature conditions, the general grease is not able to meet the requirements of application. Therefore, the response under such conditions is to apply high temperature resistant grease, which will give excellent lubrication to the machine and equipment, and can also increase its service life. But there are so many grease products in the market, how do we distinguish whether it is high temperature resistant grease?

High temperature resistant grease has excellent coating, bearing capacity and lubrication characteristics, coating level, can give good anti-wear lubrication maintenance at high temperature, and is about 3 times that of general grease.

High temperature resistant grease is suitable for lubrication and wear reduction of extremely high temperature and high load bearings, transmission gears, sliding rails and camshafts, which are difficult to bear by general vegetable grease. It has a longer service life than general grease.

High temperature resistant grease can effectively resist salt water and most cleaning fluids, and it is impossible to defeat or produce influential residues under high temperature and long time load, stable performance, and can effectively increase the lubrication time and oil change cycle time.

It is mainly used for lubrication of plastic film drawing drawing machine bearings, heat setting machine conveyor belt bearings, corrugated board machine bearings, electric heating fan bearings, thermal oil pump bearings, high temperature motor bearings.

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