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What are the mechanical properties of lithium greases

Issuing time:2022-11-17 08:08Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

Lithium based grease is a very good product compared to some greases, it has a high drop point and excellent lubrication properties, mechanical stability and oxidation stability. Excellent mechanical properties make it a more common lubricating grease in some kinds of mechanical equipment, such as rolling bearings and sliding bearings and other friction parts of the use of working conditions, can effectively reduce the wear resistance of various equipment.

When choosing, you can pay attention to the softness and hardness of the grease (consistency grade). 1, 2, 3 high temperature lithium base fat or there is a difference. Ordinary high temperature lithium base greases are distinguished by consistency grade. Because the soap fibers can be confirmed by electron microscopy to form twisted bands of twined double strands. It has mechanical properties. # 3 is a little hard, use your hand to touch the device. 2 # have hard, use machine fill or hand paint. There is no difference in performance. Zero is liquid and semi-fluid.

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