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What are the advantages of slide damping grease?

Issuing time:2022-11-11 07:46Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

The use of rail damping grease has many parts, now more and more places begin to use, so it is widely used. The replacement cycle and use process of slide damping grease is also very long, which is usually known as one of the long-life greases, so it does not need to be used often, can ensure the appropriate amount of grease, and should be properly added dose.

Knobs for damping and lubricating shock absorber switchgear such as burners, lubricating telescopes, microscopes, cameras, measuring instruments and optical instruments. It can also be used for VCD knobs, household appliances, air conditioners and audio equipment. Lubrication, attenuation and noise reduction of various toys and mechanical gears. Door and window buffers. Tuner and capacitor spindles fine tune potentiometer. Hinge pads, hinge damping and lubrication, spring damping and other components requiring shock absorption, lubrication and damping are compatible with most plastics and metals.

These are the advantages of slide damping grease.

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