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What are the factors that affect the conductivity of grease?

Issuing time:2022-11-18 09:41Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

There are several factors affecting the electrical conductivity of lubricating oil, which are now required by many equipment. Pure lubricants do not conduct electricity. Increase electrical conductivity, reduce the occurrence of electric sparks, prevent electrostatic hazards. When a conductive oil is applied to a contact point, the small surface that is not in contact will become a conductor, greatly reducing the contact resistance and improving the electrical conductivity between the contact and the device. If there is an electrostatic hazard during discharge, use conductive oil to protect the ground. The BALL BEARING OF THE computer IS coated with conductive oil, which can conduct static electricity, prevent the accumulation of static electricity, produce electric arc, prevent the ball ablation, and make the raceway tilt.

The use of conductive lipids also requires attention. Conductive oils ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR MULTI-WIRE connectors. Insulated electrical CONTACT oils should be used, as contact surface coverings may also be lost to the insulated base.

In practice, is the electrical conductivity of lubricating oil important to us? The electrical conductivity of the lubricating oil indicates that the oil is prone to static electricity. Friction between lubricants and materials creates static electricity during transportation, flow and use, which can be harmful. Conductivity of base oils and lubricants: Lubricants are mixtures of base oils and additives. The lower the purity of the base oil, the more polar the oil and the stronger the electrical conductivity.

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