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What are the parts used by automobile grease?

Issuing time:2023-03-09 07:29Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

Different models of grease demand is not the same, some requirements for extreme pressure, some requirements for a long period of use, and some requirements at various temperatures are very good wettability, at the same time according to the capacity of the car and the main purpose is divided into heavy vehicles, medium-sized cars, light cars, mini cars, cars and all kinds of special vehicles.

According to the characteristics of the automobile structure, it is divided into four parts, such as the automobile engine, the automobile chassis, the car body, and the electrical equipment. The different part of the demand for grease is not the same, some part of the regulation of extreme pressure, there are provisions for anti-wear, and some requirements and to dissolve. For different car series, different parts, effective use of grease is very important for car maintenance and application. Cars generally have the following polishing points, but also to facilitate their own situation. For example: separation equipment drive shaft, clutch pedal shaft brake pedal shaft, centrifugal water pump, starter, automotive hub bearing generator set and other parts. But there are also uncommon parts: for example, to drive shaft rolling fork cross shaft rolling bearing, steering shaft, assist car leaf springs, spare tire lifters, clutch separation fork support point lining.

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