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What is car ball grease

Issuing time:2023-02-23 08:38Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

Automobile ball grease is a kind of lubricating grease developed for controlling the ball lubrication of metal to anti-corrosion paint in crankshaft equipment and wheel suspension system. The general grease is not able to meet the lubrication requirements of the ball section, the torque is large, the actual operation is not smooth, partial wear, the ball section application cycle is short. To choose the appropriate grease can meet the available standards of the automobile ball section.

The choice of suitable grease is to avoid the swing of the ball joint, reduce the offset of the ball joint under load, and the gap between the ball joint and the ball socket should be as small as possible; In order to improve the actual operation reliability, the ball joint working torque should be properly low and stable, if the grease is not suitable for the ball joint operating temperature is higher than the drop, the grease is easy to outflow. This may be over the heads of many readers. But take a look at the content of the article

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