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What are the main factors affecting lubricating oil blending quality

Issuing time:2022-06-06 08:37Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

There are many factors that affect the quality of lubricating oil blending. The blending efficiency of blending equipment and the quality of blending components directly affect the quality of lubricating oil after blending. This paper mainly analyzes the influence of process and operation factors on the quality of blended oil.

1. Accurate measurement of components

Whether clearance adjustment or continuous adjustment, the correct measurement is very important. Correct measurement is the guarantee of correct proportion of each component input. Accurate measurement of component flow rate is very important for continuous preparation. Inaccurate measurement of component flow rate will lead to unbalanced proportion of components and affect the quality of prepared products.

2. Water content in the composition

The water in the composition directly affects the turbidity of the prepared product and the appearance of the oil, and sometimes causes the hydrolysis of some additives, which reduces the use effect of additives. Therefore, the water in the composition should be prevented.

3. Air in the composition

Ingredients in the neutralization system inevitably mixed with the air, the deployment is also very harmful. The presence of air will not only promote the reaction of additives and oil deterioration, but also the presence of bubbles will lead to inaccurate measurement of components, affecting the correct proportion of components.

4. Temperature of the blending component

In order to select an appropriate preparation temperature, high temperature may cause oxidation and thermal metamorphism of oil and additives, while low temperature will worsen the fluidity of components and affect the effect, so 55~ 65 is usually preferred.

5, additive dilution

Some of the additives are very thick, so they are melted and diluted before use to prepare the mother liquor of the additives at an appropriate concentration. Otherwise, it may affect the uniformity of preparation and the accuracy of measurement, but it is not appropriate to add too much thinner into the mother liquor of additives, so as not to affect the product quality of lubricating oil.

6. Clean the deployment system

Solid impurities, non-blending base oils and additives in the blending system are pollution to the system, which may lead to unqualified blending products. Therefore, the lubricating oil blending system must be kept clean. From an economic point of view, the likelihood of a system compounding only one product is small, so the contamination of the system by incongruous components is inevitable. In the actual production, on the one hand, it is necessary to clean the pollutants as far as possible, on the other hand, it is necessary to coordinate the oil of similar quality and variety in a system to ensure product quality.

7, mixing time

The mixing time should be reasonably determined according to the size of the mixing kettle, the amount of mixing material, heating temperature, mixing mode and so on. The mixing time is too short, and the mixing is not uniform. Halving takes too long and consumes a lot of energy.

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