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white grease is high temperature grease?

Issuing time:2022-09-26 20:47Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

High temperature grease for use in high temperature, high speed, high load, chemical corrosion harsh environments such as bearings, gears and for lifetime lubrication components and better solve the high temperature erosion, grease dripping, burning, carbon deposition, product wear and a series of lubrication problem, lubrication part normal for a long time at high temperature in addition, still have the following features. Lubrication parts and products are not easy to produce obvious color pollution, so it is suitable for lubrication places with high environmental requirements. Its excellent film forming capacity, bearing capacity, lubrication performance is 3 times of the ordinary lubricant.

White grease has many advantages compared with other greases, of course, the first one is high temperature resistance. High-quality white grease will not drip or leak, evaporate, dry, or form a sticky carbon deposit. They don't melt or break down. Compatible with a variety of other lubricants, longer life than ordinary synthetic grease.

In today's modern society, white grease can also add in the friction coefficient of the smallest solid lubricant in the world - teflon (PTFE, also called desflurane, fluoro lung or fluoro long), the tiny particles is the most smooth surface, coating teflon provides better abrasion resistance, waterproof, anti acid and alkali cleaning, high temperature resistance and other excellent performance. In addition, at high temperatures, TEflon particles provide lubrication and continue to protect components from wear, even as the base oil dries. Foreign experiments show that at a high temperature above 200, only the grease bearing containing PTFE has the longest life.

With the development of industrial modernization, mechanical equipment and other parts that need lubrication have higher and higher requirements for the use of grease, and higher requirements for the use of grease temperature resistance. Most of the existing high temperature greases suffer from poor lubrication due to softening, oil content, dry cracking, melting, volatilization, hardening and other behaviors under high temperature conditions, leading to losses of bearings and equipment.

High temperature grease is most suitable for high speed and high temperature use, and has excellent performance such as cleaning and environmental cleaning while performing high performance. There are many varieties of commercially available white high temperature greases, such as silicone grease, perfluorinated polyether grease, fluorinated white grease, food grade white grease, high temperature urea-based grease, white lithium based grease are white. How to choose the right white grease for your use? The white of a white grease defines the appearance of a grease that cannot be composed. Therefore, white is not necessarily a grease lithium grease, it is possible that composite aluminum or ptfe, etc., but most of the white grease by fluorine, fluorine silicone grease grease, total synthesis of ultra high temperature grease, preventing the synthesis of high temperature sealing grease white grease is specially designed for the plastic and plastic and metal folding kinetic friction between and development. Used in precision machine parts bending parts, rotating shaft parts and reciprocating linear motion mechanical components, such as plastic slider, rack and pinion, ratchet, CAM structure, plug, slide rail, lead screw, rotating shaft, etc. Because the leakage of colorful grease in these precision parts will affect the appearance of the machine.

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