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Why does grease appear oil separation phenomenon

Issuing time:2023-01-12 09:43Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

A lot of customers tell us that grease in storage will appear oil phenomenon. Why is that? Many people have this question. For example, for example, there is lubricating oil in the pits on the surface of the grease storage barrel, and it is more likely to be separated if it is stored for too long in hot areas. This is because the grease is not smoothed in time. After use, if it is flat, it will avoid a lot of oil separation.

After the grease is separated, the quality is affected differently according to the degree of oil separation. It is divided into small amount of oil, medium amount of oil, and large amount of oil. First of all, the small amount of oil has little effect on the quality. However, the fat should not be stored for a long time after oil separation. It will be improved after manual slight stirring in time. So as not to divide too much oil. After a large amount of oil separation, the quality changes significantly, which is unfavorable to use. After such a situation occurs, the consistency and similar viscosity of the grease will change accordingly due to the change of the ratio between the thickener and the base oil. This will often affect the quality of the grease.

Oil or no oil, which is to test the technology of the grease manufacturer and the quality of the product. The use of such grease is very important. Finally, to sum up, when grease is used in mechanical parts, slight oil separation will occur in most grease, and the separated oil can play a lubricating role.

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