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Why use inorganic thickener to make high temperature grease?

Issuing time:2022-12-09 21:54Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

As we all know, thickener is an indispensable solid part of grease, accounting for 5% to 30% of the total weight of grease. The thickener thickens the base oil into a semi-solid state. Inorganic thickener generally has good high temperature performance, is the best thickener as high temperature grease! This depends on the performance of the grease and its base oil. The soap based composition of grease is not very good. It is difficult to solve the high temperature requirements. Therefore, the need to use high temperature resistant inorganic thickener is a very good choice. A better thickener has high mechanical stability, high performance for high temperature. And its ultra-low temperature performance has been greatly improved. Make it especially suitable for centralized lubrication system. Organic chemical thickeners are macromolecular substances with thickening effect in addition to metal soap and solid hydrocarbons. Thus, the high temperature service life of bearings can be extended. It only evaporates and does not dissolve and can be applied from high temperatures. In addition, it provides reliable refinement, especially in extreme work environments. Common inorganic thickeners include sodium bentonite, silicone rubber, boron carbide and carbon black. Inorganic thickeners generally have good high temperature performance. Due to such advantages, inorganic thickening agent grease has a wide range of applications.

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