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Why is it called bentonite grease?

Issuing time:2022-11-04 10:12Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

Bentonite GREASE IS A VERY POPULAR GREASE FOR THE lubrication of car chassis, rudder, universal joint, water pump, wheel hub and bearings. High temperature bearing is one of the best choice when used. It is made of organic bentonite treated with surfactants (such as dimethyloctadecylbenzyl ammonium chloride and aminamide) to thicken medium or high viscosity mineral oils, and special additives are added to give it excellent performance.

The following lists some of the disadvantages and advantages of bentonite grease.

Bentonite grease has the following characteristics;

(1) Organic wetting does not change like soap phase transition, so bentonite grease has no drop point, and its high temperature property is only determined by the high temperature resistance of surfactant. General bentonite grease can be used above 150℃.

(2) The low temperature property of bentonite grease mainly depends on the low temperature property of the selected base oil, and also depends on the amount of thickening agent.

(3) The structural particles of the bentonite grease should be more shear resistant than the soap fibers, but because the bentonite has been treated with surfactants, the mechanical stability of the bentonite grease varies with the properties of different surfactants. When used in rolling bearings for a long time, bentonite grease is easy to become thin and flow out.

(4) The corrosion resistance of bentonite grease to metal surface is not good, and effective rust inhibitor must be added to improve it.

(5) Bentonite grease exhibits excellent colloid stability due to the solid combination of bentonite thickener and base oil, and on the other hand, the base oil is difficult to enter the friction surface, so the abrasion resistance and abrasion resistance are not ideal, which affects its use in high-speed rolling bearings.

The disadvantages of bentonite grease can also be changed by adding some special additives according to the use situation, so consumers can communicate with grease dealers when purchasing grease before choosing the right one.

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