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Why is it called food grade grease?

Issuing time:2022-11-20 11:52Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

Food grade greases generally have a clean appearance and excellent heat resistance. Selection of suitable food grade grease will ensure the manufacturer's production quality and safety. Poor quality oils can come into contact with food ingredients and seriously affect manufacturers and customers. Grease performance is crucial. After all, high air oxidation reliability in extreme environments is particularly important for increasing the service life, which requires consideration of the high temperature stability of grease. Air oxidation conditions are generally caused by the actual operating environment. Oils with moderate antioxidants can reduce and delay the environmental impact of commonly used oils.

The tackifier and base oil price of food grade grease must be all food grade. At the same time, the means of transport are the key factors to understand, and always maintain safety and health. So that the fat can be in idealized under the conditions of full play. In use to ensure cleaning, should be replaced regularly gloves and clean cloth, so as not to cause environmental pollution grease. When it is necessary to store it in the warehouse, it needs to be wrapped in a new plastic packaging bag or packaging film, sealed and placed in a paper box, fortunately to ensure the fastest practical effect.

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