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Why do you need to pay attention to the choice of automobile grease 1

Issuing time:2023-01-19 07:06Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

There are many matters needing attention in the process of using and selecting car grease. For example, the cross shaft is filled with grease

In the general vehicle user manual, it is clearly stipulated that the key teeth and intermediate bearings of the telescopic sleeve of the rotating shaft should be applied with calcium grease, and the roller bearings of the cross shaft and the intermediate bearings of the rotating shaft of the rear axle of the three axle should be applied with gear oil. However, in daily work, because there is no filling machine and equipment, some maintenance workers, in order to make it convenient, do not properly use calcium grease to lubricate the cross shaft roller bearings, resulting in a large number of cross bearings destroyed too early. Because the cross shaft cross shaft filling gear nozzle is a common grease nozzle, usually lead to a misunderstanding, in fact, the grease is not filled on the roller bearing. If the grease gun, because of the large viscosity grease according to the fuel injector to cross shaft wall add grease, grease oil in the oil cup of the Lord came into the narrow way of pressure is very big, this time by working pressure grease will open across the injector pressure regulating valve and spillover, which makes the maintenance man mistook has to fill up rolling bearing, in fact not only can't grease into the needle in the middle, Is to do the cross journal port is also more difficult. Therefore, we should change the wrong way of wetting the cross shaft with grease instead of the gear oil, and generally use the gear oil working pressure gun to fill the gear oil.

Apply grease when assembling cylinder pads

When some maintenance workers assemble the cylinder pad, they like to coat the cylinder pad with a layer of grease, which they think can improve the engine airtightness. They don't know that it's not only unprofitable, but harmful. As everybody knows, cylinder pad is extremely important among the vehicle engine oil pan and cylinder rubber seal, it is not only very strict sealing cylinder in ultra-high pressure formed by high temperature gas, and sealing around the cylinder head and cylinder of the body has a certain pressure flow speed of cooling circulating water and car engine oil, so the rules when removing cylinder pad, need to pay attention to the sealing quality.

The more grease in automobile hub bearing, the better

Some owners maintain the car hub bearing, the car hub bearing and the inner cavity filled with grease, and pointed out that the more the better, in fact, is not. The ring cavity filled with grease will make most of the grease thrown into the ring cavity, not only will not fill the rolling bearing, but will be discharged to the brake shoe in the brake drum, so that the brake failure, at the same time because of the increase in rolling resistance, will make the ring caused by overtemperature, and lead to unnecessary consumption. Therefore, only need in the ring cavity coated with a very thin layer of grease can be. It not only ensures the wetting of the key parts, but also facilitates the heat removal and temperature reduction of the ring. At the same time, it can save a lot of grease.

The grease is thinned by adding grease

Some maintenance workers in winter when applying grease, like to add grease in the original grease dilute. This behavior is incorrect. Because the structure of the grease is a colloidal structure management system composed of the thickener and the base oil price, the thickener produces the structure of the Internet, and the base oil price (generally general grease) is adsorption in the network to produce a relatively stable architecture, which will make the thickener and the base oil price will not be separated. If the grease is poured into the grease after the grease, although by mixing, but can not be evenly dispersed included in the network, it is very easy to extract the outflow in use, not conducive to wetting. If you want to use a small mortar consistency grease in winter, you can choose a small number 1 or 2 calcium based grease.

If the gasket with grease, when the cylinder cover screw fastening part can be pressed into the cylinder water and grease in the main oil passage, until the work is between grease in cylinder head gasket, due to continuous high temperature harm, part will be lit into the cylinder, others tend to burn carbon in surface of cylinder head and cylinder head fusion, in under the influence of continuous high temperature high pressure, It is easy to penetrate or burn through the cylinder pad, resulting in engine air leakage. Therefore, do not wipe grease when assembling cylinder pad.

There are also a lot of points of knowledge that you will have the opportunity to share again.

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