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Why do you need to pay attention to the choice of car grease 2

Issuing time:2023-01-26 09:16Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

The previous discussion and many matters needing attention in the selection of vehicle grease, we continue to discuss this time. For example: new and old grease mixed application

New grease and old grease even if the same category can not be mixed application. Because the old grease contains a large amount of organic matter and residue, if mixed with the new grease will speed up its air oxidation qualitative change. Therefore, when changing the grease, be sure to clean up the old grease in the parts before you can readd a new grease.

Grease the tire bolts

Because it is so easy to tighten nuts and avoid rust, many drivers and maintenance workers grease the tire bolts. In fact, this is a mistake. Because, according to the basic knowledge of mechanical design, the tire nut is tightened, and the screw teeth are locked. It is caused by the spiral Angle of the snail lower than the equivalent friction Angle between the snail teeth. In the known screw connection, the spiral Angle is a certain value, while the equivalent friction Angle varies with the friction between the teeth. It is obvious that the equivalent friction Angle between the screw teeth decreases after oiling, and the locking characteristic of the anchor bolt connection decreases. So there is no need to apply grease or dip grease on the tire bolts and nuts. In doing so, the screws will come loose, the tire will come off, leading to a major accident.

Fill the starter bearing with grease

The starting machine bearing is generally self-lubricating bearing bearing is also known as porous structure oil content bearing aluminum alloy, the use of metal powder (iron or copper shaf) after stirring, inhibition, sintering molding, infiltration into a certain temperature grease made of oil content reduced runin gold products. It is mainly used in oil difficult, fast load or low speed gear load is relatively large and often need to change the place, according to the composition of the material into iron graphite and brass - graphite two categories. Start the machine maintenance, cannot use gasoline cleaning bearing, in case of dilute lubricating grease, generally with a clean cloth or pure cotton yarn, more should not add grease, due to the bearing assembly gap is very small, not retained in the bearing grease, flung out after fall on the carbon brush and motor commutator starter fatigue caused by above, obviously can cause burning of the motor commutator. But can drop a small amount of GL-385/90 oil to the bearing. After driving 50,000 km, the bearing is cleaned with gasoline, and then immersed in GL-3 oil at 120℃ for 1h, then the application effect is obvious.

Finally, the maintenance of the leaf spring is filled with grease

There are some maintenance workers in the maintenance, installation of leaf spring, in order to avoid the damage of the steel plate, in the assembly of grease. In fact, this is a mistake that does not meet the technical standards. Because grease is very easy to be extruded from the thick steel plate, and at the same time easy to adhere to dust, will lead to leaf spring rust and disassembly rapidly, reduce the service life of more than 40%.

Maintenance or composition of leaf spring, should be coated with graphite calcium base grease, graphite calcium base grease to add 10% fish scale graphite made of calcium base grease. Graphite itself is a kind of very good lubricant, its pressure resistance is good, in vehicle traffic, especially in walking on uneven road, the thick steel plate has strong vibration and friction, the application of graphite calcium base grease, because of its good pressure resistance, not easy was pressed out from between thick steel plate, can be long-term RunHua and buffer role, increase the service life of leaf spring.

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