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Wire rope surface grease

Wire rope surface grease
Product Details


This product is refined with a new thickener to thicken refined mineral oil, and add antioxidants, anti-rust, anti-wear and other additives, refined by a special process.


Excellent high and low temperature resistance performance, friction increase, rust resistance, and water drench resistance to adapt to the wide temperature requirements of the working environment;

Excellent permeability; keep the strands in a good lubrication state;

Effectively isolate the wire rope from contact with moisture and salt spray, and reduce the external corrosion of the wire rope;

It can resist rain erosion to ensure that it meets the requirements of use under various climatic conditions;

It is not easy to lose and slip, keep the working environment clean and prolong the service life of the wire rope.

Operating temperature range


Dropping point



Black uniform smooth ointment

NLGI Grade



Used for bearing and gear of heavy duty machinery and equipment, as well as equipment lubrication of power, electronic industry, metallurgical machinery etc.

Suitable for lubrication of long-life sealed bearings.

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