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Working principle and classification of grease

Issuing time:2022-12-27 07:19Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

Grease is to assist in the lubrication of rolling bearing machinery and its protection. Therefore, the application of grease is indispensable, and its role is usually lubrication, protection and sealing. In the process of mechanical operation, it is inevitable that the wear and tear of machinery will be consumed. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the wear and increase the service life, so it is necessary to master the basic principle and classification of grease. Grease at room temperature and resting state, this is a semi-solid, can maintain the appearance and fluidity, can adhere to the metal material and do not slip off. At high temperature or subjected to external force beyond a certain degree, it can dilute into a liquid state and produce fluidity.

Let's take a look at the classification method of grease by action.

Grease is basically semi solid material, with special fluidity.

The working principle of grease is that the thickener will maintain the oil when the lubricating position is required. When there is a load, the thickener will release the oil and then have the lubricating effect.

First, reduce wear grease: mainly plays the role of reducing mechanical friction and avoiding mechanical wear. In addition, it also plays the role of avoiding electrochemical corrosion protection and sealing antifouling.

Two, maintenance grease: mainly used to avoid metal rust or corrosion.

Three, sealing grease: grease is specially used for sealing.

When grease gets the cutting effect of fitness parts in machinery, it can generate liquidity and then lubricate, reducing the friction and wear between the surface of fitness sports.

When the cutting action is terminated, it can also restore a certain mortar consistency, grease such special fluidity, to ensure that it can be lubricated in the part that is not suitable for lubricating oil. In addition, because it is a semi-solid emulsion, its sealing and protection is better than lubricating oil. Remember to choose the appropriate grease in use.

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